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Koi Fish Watercolors painting by Nara Pilgrim Wood

Nara’s paintings and drawings transport the viewer to a sanctuary of earth, water, animals, flowers, everything beautiful in this world. Each piece is inspiring of love and beauty, peace and prayer. Her deep connection with the elements is proven within the paint.

Kheyala K

Your magnificent painting arrived today! I am simply elated by its beauty and elegance!...I can’t wait to hang this in a central part of my home and feast upon it many times daily...I so appreciate your thoughtfulness, skill, and kindness!

Deborah B

This painting takes you places... I love what you're doing for this project! Thank you much!

Jack I

Nara's ability to create space and time has always amazed me. Being an artist as well, makes me ever more impressed by her control of the white empty space which in turn creates depth and movement, capturing a moment in time.

Allison P

I am really very impressed with the superb quality and stunning beauty of your paintings during your Narathon!

Isabelle T

I love all your work Nara! I still need to share your post for this...everyone needs to be blessed by your creations, they are divine!

Belle H

I t feels like you are doing something way beyond just a show. I love how you make it so personal, how you connect to and inspire so many people (world wide). Not just selling your work, but an intimacy and personal connection in the art and business you do, that the world so desperately needs.

Perola G

N ara's art is so delightful to me because it is filled with light and feeling as well as genuine skill and artistic expression. Thank you for the beautiful and playful pieces in my living room!


I love my manzanita painting! It couldn’t be more perfect, that this piece is in my home and heart.

Karen B

B eing able to see the world through an other's eyes feels incredibly interesting and important to me. So having you dedicate your life's work to sharing your vision with others (including me) feels like the best gift I could ever receive. I feel like words don't really capture the beauty you manage to capture and convey in each and every painting. But believe me when I tell you I will be enjoying your art work as long as I live!

Carrie P

I received the painting today! Wow, it is really beautiful!! It is a different experience seeing the painting in all its vividness.

Neeshee P

I t is extremely rare to actually see what the artist saw, and even more so to feel what was being felt when the work was done. To be carried by the beauty of the work to a different place. It is liking looking/feeling into a window of an alternate dimension of beauty and love. ...another aspect of your art that is so strong is your being so open minded and open hearted when you work that you are clearly able to see and feel and capture the essence of whatever is is you are creating in your mind and heart, and then to translate that essence with such an elegant and graceful hand, so that it remains vibrant and alive, to be seen and felt by those fortunate enough to see your work, whether it's on paper, or silk, or in a masterful ikebana arrangement. Yet another reflection of your surrender, compassion and gratitude that shimmers from your art.

Rick P

T his is beyond the beyond beautiful, Nara! Your art is so exquisite.

Marianne M

I received the Sakyamuni buddha drawing today. The fine detail of your drawing is beautiful and the art emanates equanimity. Thank you for this gift.

Michael F
Koi Fish by Nara Pilgrim Wood