Nara Pilgrim Wood Framing Materials and Methods

Logos & Book Art

I have always loved books. As a child I had beautifully illustrated books, telling tales of adventure, with imaginative and lushly drawn images. These images influenced me and led my mind into the stories like a springboard. For years I have wanted to illustrate books, and now I am beginning that work.

Koi Fish painting by Nara Pilgrim Wood

Solar Eclipse as Viewed by Lotus Blossom

This is a painting for the cover of a book that will soon be published by Neeshee Pandit discussing the correlations between esoteric anatomy and vedic astrology. . The painting depicts a solar eclipse, viewed hovering over verdant mountains. A lotus blossom rises above the expanse of still waters in the foreground. Neeshee wrote me with his ideas about the painting. Each element in the painting is symbolic, and has meaning related to what the book discusses. I enjoyed coming up with this design based on his thoughts:

I combined these elements and created this landscape. It is an imagined place, and you the viewer are in the water viewing the eclipse.

Sways on the Watertop

This watercolor painting was commissioned by an Ayurvedic healer to be used in her business logo. The name of her business is "Sways on the Watertop". The name evoked images from underneath the surface of the water, rays of sunlight penetrating the water and dancing with the ripples. Lotuses are caressed in the sunlit water.

Color and Substance

Logo for Color and Substance, this is a watercolor interpretation of a digital image that I made several years ago. In the foreground is a stylized camelia, behind it is an imposing and craggy mountain, shrouded in night shadows. Behind the mountain the sky is brilliantly illuminated in gold foil over a yellow sky.

Koi Fish Watercolors</q> painting by Nara Pilgrim Wood