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The Nara-tive is what I call my newsletter, and I invite you to subscribe to it. I try to keep it interesting and fun, and to that end I encourage you to sign-up so that you can participate in the It’s in the Details Treasure Hunt.

This is how it works. Every week a picture of a detail from one of my paintings will be sent to everyone who is subscribed to The Nara-tive. (It’s not that many, yet, so, you don’t have all that much competition.) The first person who identifies the painting the detail is taken from wins a free archival reproduction giclee print of that painting.

I want to offer something “real” to my subscriber; not just fluff, but real “stuff”, if you know what I mean.

I intend to continue the Treasure Hunt for at least three months, maybe six. So, that means you have at least twelve chances to win. I hope to hear from you!

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