Photo of Nara Painting Garland of Whales

“You have to see it to believe it.”

“The year’s best thriller!”

“The year’s most exciting movie!”

Well, none of these videos may be contenders, but they demonstrate a bit of watercolor technique better than any of this year's winners. If you want to see a movie with great watercolors you should watch Bambi again. The backgrounds are beautiful. Also, if you haven't seen A Monster Calls, it has some very nice watercolor effects throughout the movie.

By the way, the soundtracks are really good...the music done by friends and family.

Strong Ties
Time lapse video of painting of Strong Ties. The music is by my brother, Neem Wood. Please forgive the flicker. My videographic skills are in their infancy. I will get better.
The Narathon Book
Video presentation of 100 paintings and poems, trickling stream soundtrack to soothe the senses.
Am I Blue?
Two Great Blue Herons preparing to take flight into Northern California's golden sky
Throwing Down
Short video of painting of tern diving into a wave.
Lie to the Animals
Time lapse of painting of last in series for Jack Irons
Goat Rock Beach
Birthday outing to Goat Rock on the Sonoma Coast.