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Album Art

I have done some work with musicians over the years, and have very much enjoyed collaborating with the sound artists. They have their own language, ideas, and imaginings. Musicians put these things into sound and song. These are some of the paintings that I have done for the players in my imagining of them..

Hummingbird painted by Nara Pilgrim Wood

Jack Irons - Dream of Luminous Blue

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jack Irons’ new EP, Dream of Luminous Blue album cover depicts a nebula in deep space, The Cosmic Mandala. I made six paintings for Jack’s EP, one for each of the compositions. To see all six paintings follow this link. To purchase Dream of Luminous Blue and to check out Jack’s catalog come right this way.

Neem Wood - Smithereened

I did this painting and Album cover for my brother, Neem. The vision for the painting was to illustrate him as a samurai in a traditional stance, while wielding his guitar like a sword. I placed him on a high rock outcropping looking over rolling green hills that were inspired by the beautiful hills of Sonoma County, his home turf. To listen to Smithereened and to purchase the album follow this link.

Adidam Music - Radiance

This painting depicts a view of a beach on the island of Naitauba in Fiji. I am intrigued by views created by windows. I had spent time in this room looking out at the water and the very large tree that grows on the edge of the beach. I knew the view in my bones long before I painted it. The water in this cove really is this turquoise, its color changes with the weather, rain or sun, it is beautiful. I was contacted by the musicians who made this album, and I was happy to have this painting, which is titled Drifted in the Deeper Land, used their album cover.

To listen to Radiance and to purchase the album follow this link.

Diving Tern painted by Nara Pilgrim Wood