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My partner, Jeff, and I have been collaborating on many fronts for years. We’re lucky because we have the advantage of appreciating each other’s work. I love Jeff’s work, and I know he loves mine. This has allowed us a very creative and expansive relationship. A day never goes by that we don’t talk about our projects and processes.

We have been planning on combining our skills to create a series of jewelry pieces for a long time, and this is our first venture into the “tiny world”. Jeff has spent a lot of time in the micro-world of jewelry. Me, not so much. It is demanding, painting so small. But I love the results, and I love another opportunity for us to combine our efforts. I hope you enjoy them, too.

Each of the paintings is an original watercolor. The paintings are sprayed with a thin fixative to protect and waterproof them. The "frames" or "settings" are cut from fine hardwoods, such as ebony, cocobolo, and satinwood. Ornamentation is of solid sterling silver, and the kanji (meaning - "wood" or "tree") is in red enamel. Each pendant is supplied with a 16" or 18" black rubber cord with a sterling clasp.

Send me a note and let me know which is your favorite.

Scroll Pendants
Moon Window Pendants