Terms & Conditions

  1. Nature of Nara Pilgrim Wood's blog – This blog has no purpose other than introducing my artwork, and by extention myself, to you. Beyond that it exists purely for my and your enjoyment. You are welcomed and encouraged to register on the blog. Your participation is appreciated as long as it is life-positive. No negative speech is permitted. You can certainly disagree with any post as long as you are ecstatically happy and full of blessings for all beings. Well, maybe you don't have to be THAT happy. I think that polite and gracious will do.

  2. Opinionated content – All content on this blog is written from a point-of-view. It may not be your point of view. It probably isn't. All advice and conclusions given or come to should be ignored. Don't take anything too seriously, especially Jeff, 'cause he never knows what he is talking about.

  3. Terms of use – Nothing presented in this blog is true, but everything is true enough to be said. On the other hand, nothing presented in this blog is false, either. At least it doesn't appear to be. Draw your own conclusions. The only thing that is sure is that "nasty and negative" is not permitted. No trolling. No irony (humor with potentially negative undertones).

  4. Hold harmless clause – The sole purpose of this blog is to have fun and to enjoy humor with friends and acquaintances. Discussion should be art-centric for the most part, but if you have a creative notion go ahead and entertain it. Whatever is said here is casual conversation and not meant to guide or persuade you towards anything.

  5. Reservation of rights – We reserve the right to eat owl sandwiches. We also reserve the right to change. I mean, everything changes, right?

  6. Privacy Policy – There is no sharing of data, personal or otherwise, from this blog. That is not what we do. We don't even analyze data. It's too tedious to get into all of that.