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Metal Prints

Aluminum sheet is the base for Metal Prints. Inks are infused into the aluminum sheet via a process called “dye sublimation”, which uses heat and pressure to create a bond between the inks and the aluminum via a special coating that insures that the image stays “stuck” to the aluminum. The result is both scratch and water resistant. The color accuracy is excellent…the colors are vibrant! The main difference between an archival giclee print and a Metal Print is the surface texture of the image. I paint watercolors on paper or silk. Both of these surfaces have texture and little to no sheen, which giclee prints duplicate very well. I am printing the Metal Prints with a glossy surface which I feel suits the vibrancy of the colors of the paintings in the Art for Children and the Garden Art Metal Prints. The result is lively and playful.

  • Sumi ink painting of face of Buddha semi-obscured by brightly colored foliage in watercolors.

Interior-Use Float Hangers

Each of the “Art for Children” Metal Prints is fitted with a float hanger which allows the print to be hung with a single hook or nail and suspends the print ½” off of the wall. If you would prefer that a print be mounted with Stainless Posts please contact me before ordering so that I can calculate the additional cost.

Stainless Steel Posts

"Garden Art" Metal Prints are designed for use outdoors and are made to be fitted with stainless steel posts that securely fasten it to a wall, fence, or wood post with either two or four posts. The print is drilled through for the posts. The post is then secured with a wood screw, and the print mounted to the posts.

Rounded Corners

The corners of Metal Prints are sharp. If your print is hung in a position where someone may hit or bump the print I suggest that you have the corners of the print rounded.