The Nara-tive

Nara Pilgrim Wood's March, 2019 Newsletter

The Nara-tive

Spring is here, and the colors of green that I have been seeing are the stuff dreams are made of. I was returning from the Central Valley a few days ago. As we turned west off of I-5 the Sutter Buttes were illuminated by the midday sun. The vibrant greens and shadowed ravines of the mountains reminded me of the landscapes of the Red Crowned Crane paintings that I have been doing. The colors were almost fantastical. No wonder the California impressionists of the 19th century were doubted for their color choices. The colors have to be seen to be believed.

New Paintings

Mindless Dancing – This is the latest painting in the “Rising Sun” series. It is a watercolor of two Red Crowned Cranes dancing in a magical landscape. I do not tire of painting these magnificent birds.

Throwing Down – This painting is a further exploration of one of the Narathon paintings, “Prapatti”. I love the balance of the tumultuous sea juxtaposed by the body of the tern who must enter the water at the perfect time and place, and must commit absolutely when making that choice.

Asian Poppy 2 – “Asian Poppy” is one of the most popular paintings in the “Floral Portraits” series. Asian Poppy 2 is a close approximation to the original, still fresh as the morning.

Special Projects

Neeshee Pandit, who is authoring a book on esoteric anatomy and vedic astrology asked me to do a painting for the book cover. You can see it right here.
I have also been working on six paintings for another project that will be revealed in April. I’m excited about this one, and I’ll keep you posted.

Pat Wood

My grandmother has a creative nature and possesses fine artistic skills. The combination of those qualities and the artifacts they have generated have been an inspiration to me throughout my life.

Prayer Nuts

I’m not referring to religious zealots. Prayer nuts are extraordinary works of art, of which there are only a few. They were made 500 years ago, and no one has duplicated them since. Jeff viewed one in a museum that he was working in, and he has written about his encounter with it in a recent blog article. If you appreciate miniature work (and I mean TINY) you will want to take a look at it.

Oatmeal Cookies

You may recall my offer of a dozen oatmeal cookies to the first person to comment on my blog. Find out about the exciting results of that offer here. If you missed out on the cookies, no worries…there will be more cookie days.

Enjoy these spring days!

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