Making a Mark with Marketing

Making a Mark with Marketing

The Uniquity Conundrum

I am in the fourth month of an artist’s marketing intensive, and I am barely off of square one. The first step in many endeavors seems to be the most difficult one. The first step for me, as an artist, is to define my “uniquity”. The response to that question has been the catalyst for much pondering and conversation. I have never had to define or verbalize why I paint, not for my own sake. It is a wordless movement and needs no definition. It’s no different than sweeping the floor. You take up the broom without a thought. You know your intention without thinking about it.

Nevertheless, the exercise of bringing those unspoken and uninspected motives to mind has been a very useful consideration. Whenever you examine anything closely it is always revelatory. Ultimately I want to create images that are beautiful, but also useful.

So, my uniquity, this is what I have come up with after much inspection, contemplation, and conversation:
Watercolor Harmonies – Paintings to cool the mind and calm the heart.

That’s eleven words that took four months to compile. Words paint pictures, too. I’m satisfied with this picture. How about you?

Oh, by the way, my art is gluten-free. I thought you should know that.