The Converted Scrooge

The Converted Scrooge

The Converted Scrooge

I love A Christmas Carol, especially the 1951 production with Alistair Sim conjuring Ebenezer Scrooge’s multiple facets. He perfectly manifests Scrooge’s hard-hearted, mean-spirited nature and then transforms into a man with a liberated, joy-filled heart. He is unable to contain his happiness. He has to share it. He has to give it away.

Unreasonable Happiness

The world that Scrooge lives in is not a gentle place, just as it is not in this time. Nevertheless, in his conversion Scrooge becomes unreasonably happy. His joy is not caused by events or circumstances, and so it cannot be diminished by the vagaries and randomness of life. Happiness has become his state. And I love that! That is how to live! No doubt about it.

Happiness Is Communicable

I have noticed that happiness is infectious. There have been many times that I have been walking down the sidewalk in a simple and thoughtless moment; a smile on my face simply because happiness put it there. Then I round a corner and unexpectedly encounter someone. Instantly that stranger will break into a smile also. I’m not talking a social, pleasant smile. I mean a full-mouthed, teeth-revealed grin; a smile without reserve. Moments like this remind me that we pass happiness from one to another, and that it is an uncomplicated gesture.

A Small Gift

Upon the completion of the Century Watercolor Extravaganza I put up a flipbook version of the 100 paintings I did during the event and the poems that accompanied each. A few people suggested that I should publish it in book form. I don’t have the wherewithal to do that presently, but I have uploaded a PDF version of the flipbook and made it available for download to the newsletter group. If you would like to download a copy just subscribe to my newsletter on my website. You may want to do that in case you are caught in a snow storm and lose your internet service. You know; a little entertainment and inspiration while you wait for spring. If you would like to see the online flipbook version of Paintings and Poems it’s right here.