100 Paintings in 100 Days

100 Paintings in 100 Days

I used to do a lot of hitchhiking around North America in the late sixties and early seventies. A lot of people did, fellow hippies, if you will; Dead Heads, and the like. And because there were a lot of people hitchhiking, particularly along 101, it would not be an infrequent occurrence that there would be a dozen or more people standing around a freeway entrance. In towns, like Berkeley, there could be twice that many. When a driver determined to offer one of us a ride you could see him (or her) scan the crowd as they drove by. When the driver made their selection they would pull over and let one of us travelers in.

It was obvious to me that in order to get a ride in any reasonable length of time I would have to do something to get noticed. I am not female, and I almost never hitchhiked with a woman. That alone put me half-way down the candidate list. To compensate for my lack of allure I choreographed some dance moves for myself that always ended with a snap of the wrist and an extended thumb. Mimicking Fred Astaire didn't guarantee me a ride, but it got me noticed. Plus, it was more fun than just standing there waiting, listening to my hair grow.

                                   from Jeff

Announcing the Century Watercolor Extravaganza! The faster you go, the cheaper it gets. So, don’t hesitate, click away and buy.

If you want to take a moment to find out what you are buying I will explain the “Century Watercolor Extravaganza” or “100 in 100”. For one hundred days I will complete a watercolor painting or a colored pencil drawing. Upon completion I will post an image of the artwork on my website, one painting or drawing every day. Each painting will be made available for purchase the morning after it is completed. The first painting will be offered for $1.00, the second for $2.00, and so on, the last will be priced at $100.00. Now you see why it’s the Century Watercolor Extravaganza.

I didn’t originate this concept. Jolie Guillebeau is a creative and enterprising artist who originally conjured 100 in 100. It’s a way of shaking the tree. Of course, we are trying to reach more collectors, but there is the added benefit of putting the demand on myself to do a painting every day. It’s kind of like speed chess. It’s a different and challenging way to approach my work. I am eager to see where these hundred paintings will take me.

Anyone else up for some fun? If so, get on the list. The Extravaganza begins June 16. I will send you the link for the daily painting as soon as it is uploaded. Of course, I encourage you to share the links with everyone you have ever known. No, wait a minute...maybe not everyone. You be the judge.