Two New Offerings

Art for Children & Garden Art

Two New Offerings

Junk Art Treasures

In a rural town in west Sonoma County, California, there is a street with metal sculptures in every yard. Each house has a collection of these large and colorful sculptures made out of metal scraps and curious odds and ends. These sculptures are made by Patrick Amiot, and the pieces relate to each other visually from yard to yard. It is a great street to slowly drive down on any weekday, to be amused by the playful characters that are placed in each garden.  Here a mermaid, there a baseball player, up the street a bird and a flower, followed by a Red Fire Engine with a fireman hanging out the window.  I like the shared experience of these outdoor art pieces. They are seen by everyone, not hidden inside of their homes.

I have wanted to create a form of outdoor art for some time, and am now offering two lines of metal print art.

Garden Art: Metal prints with an extra layer of protection against weather, water, and sun. They can be mounted on a post, or on a wall or fence.

I am excited about this line of art for your garden or outdoor spaces!

Buddha among the Peonies

A few years ago I was helping a friend, who owned a local gallery, host a weekend botanical event. It was at a peony farm in west Sonoma County. A group of peony enthusiasts from San Francisco were making a daytrip to the gardens. I arrived early to set up the outdoor space. I took some time before the event started to walk through the garden. There were rows and rows of peonies with luxurious blooms, their petals glistening with morning dew. Many varieties of peonies populated the garden, all in perfect form. I was mesmerized by the flowers as I wandered the garden paths. Then I looked up and saw a large statue of a seated Buddha just beyond the peonies. I lit some incense that I happened to be carrying, and placed the incense sticks in front of the Buddha. The image of the Buddha statue surrounded by the peonies has stayed with me; reminding me to seed your garden with these paintings.

Garden Nurturance

I love gardening, growing things. In the summer months, if you can’t find me look in the garden. I will be there, digging in the dirt with my hands, bending over to tend to the flowers or vegetables that grow there. For me gardening is both relaxing and rewarding. I feel connected to the land and to the plants, like I am a participant in a lively and mutual relationship of giving.  I am enlivened by all of it, even the “heavy lifting”.  In the garden everything is always evolving and changing, and each moment of the life cycle is interesting.  The Garden Art line springs naturally from my own love of flowers and plants, and I have chosen the pieces with care, selecting ones that integrate with natural spaces.

It’s not only the growing that I love about gardening. I am inspired by the balance of Japanese gardens, and I, too, try to create a contemplative and conscious environment in which the flowers are the highlights. I bring other objects, both natural and handmade, into the space to create a unique garden in its entirety.

Gardening Artistry

I have a friend who is a master at this. He uses all sorts of “found objects” to decorate and extend his garden. Every garden he makes has its own character and feel. He never overdoes it. He always creates a beautiful balance using unusual materials in ways that surprise and delight. It was he who first suggested that my paintings were perfectly suited for garden adornment.

There is something surprising and amusing about walking among the buds and blooms along a garden path and coming upon a sculpture or a found object placed just so amongst the foliage. I like the mix of made art with the natural, alive, growing and changing art of the flowers and trees. I have seen and admired this mix of art in sculpture gardens, botanical gardens, and public parks.

Garden Art is intended for the beautification of outdoor spaces. Even if your garden will grow only rock you can, nevertheless, enjoy colorful blooms and peaceful art that stays brilliant year-round.


Art for Children: Metal prints of watercolor paintings, and of composite images using elements from different paintings, graphic elements, and just a touch or wizardry.

I considered this collection of paintings, choosing ones that spoke to me of childhood, of unfettered imagination, of delight and mystery. What we look at as children has a real impact. I remember the illustrated children’s books of my youth. There were stories from around the world; fairy tales, myths and legends, all illustrated masterfully in hardbound books. These images expanded my vision, they literally took me to the places in those stories. Each artist had a different style and way of presenting the story, and I appreciated both their imagination and technique. Exposure to art as I was growing up had a lasting impact on me. That result is not something that I can pinpoint or put to words. It is a feeling thing.  Those early-life images stayed with me and continue to grow in the garden of my imagination.

Often, when children see my paintings, they respond with enthusiasm.  Kids are open and honest about what they like and why. They aren’t concerned with pleasing me. And they don’t worry about hurting my feelings. A child’s simplicity is always refreshing.  I like to hear what they say as they take in a painting. Frequently the image sparks a story from them; a fiction, or an event from their own experience. With these images it is my intention to give back to that well of childhood imagination and delight.

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